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   Dr. Ghattas specializes in interventional Pain Management and Palliative Medicine.  He performs procedures such as trigger point injections, facet injections, radio-frequency ablation, epidural injections, spinal cord stimulators and many others.

  • Dr. Ghattas is a triple board certified physician who has experience with motor vehicle accidents, workers' compensation, sports related injuries, cancer related pain, regenerative medicine as well as palliative care.  

  • He completed both fellowships at The Ohio State University.  Also he is a member of many prestigious medical societies.

  • He has personally performed thousands of procedures for pain , his passion is to alleviate sufferings of every patient who is in pain whether it is a short term treatable condition or a long standing  incurable illness.

  •  Dr. Raisa Bakshiyev, MD. is a Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Specialist.

  • She graduated with honors in 2012.

  • Dr Bakshiyev has more than 6 years of diverse experiences, especially in PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, Pain and Regenerative Medicine and in various musclo- skeletal conditions.

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